PEMAC Care is a Health & Safety system designed to protect your Company and your People by managing risk in the workplace.

PEMAC Care Reports

PEMAC Care is a Health & Safety system designed to protect your Company and your People by managing risk in the workplace. The system focuses on Permit to Work, Contractor Management and Risk Assessment to help ensure compliance with best practice and help reduce accidents on site.

The system allows you to define your own Permit formats including whatever workflow you require. Contractor entry on site is controlled using the Visitor module and warns users if public liability insurance is out of date. Method statements can be submitted online and reviewed in advance of the contractor coming to site. When they arrive a permit can be waiting to be issued with the final checks completed at the place of work – on paper or your mobile handheld device.

The system allows you to create risk assessments, identify hazards and implement control measures to mitigate risk.  The system also enables you to manage incident reporting, audits and skills availability all in one simple web based system.


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Easily implement best practice system company-wide
PEMAC Care enables you to implement a company-wide health and safety system that offers best practice in a variety of industries. It also allows you to implement the modules you value on one central web based system making key information like risk assessments accessible to all.


Helps reduce paperwork
The system reduces paperwork by allowing method statements to be linked to permits along with the contractor assigned to do the work. This improves visibility of work and helps ensure that only contractors that have been vetted come on site.


Prompts permit action
The system graphically displays all active and pending permits in one place prompting action if a permit goes overdue. It also notifies personnel of pending work in their area.


Helps control contractors
The system enables you to  control contractors coming on site, defining the entry requirements based on a risk based approach. By automatically emailing both the contractor and the contractor owner of pending expiry of key information, the system helps ensure that only contractors with valid details enter on site.

This module enables you to create your own Permit ‘look and feel’ along with designing a Workflow unique to that Permit. This means that each permit can be sent to its own approvers or authorised persons before being issued. The Permits module includes the ability to specify the hazards to expect for that Permit Type and automatically suggest what controls are appropriate.

The Permits module enables ‘Conflict Management’ by warning users if a permit is currently active against an asset or if there is a warning active in a particular location. It also allows you to set up isolation points per asset and manage the de-isolation process. The module identifies qualified personnel, suggesting who should be issued a permit based on the training or skills they have received.

The Permits module includes Sub Permits and can allow multiple permits to be governed or controlled by a master permit. The PEMAC Permit to Work module includes a Handheld Solution ensuring that Permits are issued at the place of Work.


Contractor Management
This module enables you to have one central location for all approved contractors on site and to actively manage this list using automatic email reminders if a requirement goes out of date such as public liability insurance, method statements or inductions.

The Contractor request system enables you to notify security or an internal contact that a contractor will be on site. It also allows the contractor to submit their method statement in advance for review.  All of this information is linked to the contractor visit making it simple and easy to retrieve this information from the system when you need it.


Risk Assessments
This module enables companies to create risk assessments for both Assets and Tasks using a central database of hazards and related control measures. It includes a user definable Risk Scoring system enabling you to score outcomes and specify how long the Risk Assessment remains valid for.

The module also manages Remedial Actions arising from the Risk Assessment process, collating the information in one place and automatically emailing people who have been assigned an action.


Skills Register
This module enables control of the training overhead for a company, matching required skills to training. It quickly identifies key staff training requirements, identifies minimum training requirements based on job classification and identifies best fit personnel for hazardous work.


Incident Reporting
This module enables companies to track incidents on site and control their investigation and subsequent follow-up actions.


This module includes the ability to create your own audit types along with a scoring system to highlight whether a department or contractor is improving over time. The system includes Corrective Actions arising from an audit to be assigned to people quickly. As corrective actions are closed off it automatically updates the Audit Report.

Audits can be completed using the PEMAC Care Handheld Programme reducing administration and encouraging compliance by making auditing easy and accessible.