PEMAC Maintenance CMMS software enables you to implement a preventative maintenance strategy for your assets, reducing equipment failures and hence downtime.

Risk Assessment



PEMAC Maintenance CMMS enables you to implement a preventative maintenance strategy for your assets, reducing equipment failures and hence downtime. It also allows you to record unplanned interventions, record downtime and to understand why the breakdown occurred.


PEMAC Maintenance CMMS also includes a comprehensive engineering spares module enabling you to support your preventative maintenance strategy. By automatically linking spare parts to the assets they are used on, the product allows you to identify universal assets, track the cost of repair and order those spare parts that are actually being used.


Due to the importance of reporting to effective business operations, we offer customised reporting with Excel Plug-In. It is a simple, but powerful reporting tool. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel to generate reports from the Pemac Maintenance database.


PEMAC Maintenance CMMS can be customised to meet your unique requirements. It is also designed to integrate with other systems, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and financial systems. This reduces data entry duplication and leverages other systems to speed your implementation.



Reduce equipment downtime


Prevents equipment downtime by implementing a systematic planned maintenance regime.



 Reduce maintenance costs and improve efficiency


Enables companies to reduce maintenance costs, improve efficiency through better planning and to extend the life and efficiency of assets. This includes your equipment, your resources and your knowledge.



 Improve adoption by Engineering


PEMAC Maintenance CMMS is designed to be simple but relevant to the end user. The result is better adoption of the system by Engineering.



 Leverage investment for other departments 


PEMAC Maintenance CMMS supports both Maintenance and Facilities Management in one place, therefore your investment may be leveraged for other departments.


 Easily manage calibration and maintenance


Calibration and maintenance overlap, therefore PEMAC Maintenance CMMS includes a calibration module to help you manage both areas. Having a single place to store all interactions with your assets makes audits simple and all costs are also tracked in one place.


 Obtain clear view of assets and documents 


PEMAC Maintenance CMMS allows you to understand your commitment to all your assets.  It also allows electronic storage of all manuals, drawings and supporting documentation.


 Easily track unplanned work


By tracking unplanned work through the PEMAC Web Helpdesk tool, end users can report a problem anywhere in the plant. By making this a simple process you increase the visibility of the amount of unplanned work occurring. This improves your understanding of your equipment behaviour and also deepens your understanding of the cost of maintaining problem assets.


 Improve management decision making


By monitoring recurring problems and costs with PEMAC Maintenance CMMS you can make better management decisions about updating your preventative maintenance programme intervals and tasks. The product also assists in asset replacement decision making.



 Improve planning


PEMAC Maintenance CMMS will help your planning function and allow you to get a better understanding of your planned and unplanned work load. You can deploy resources where they are needed or bring in new resources in advance as required.


 Easily prioritise maintenance activities


PEMAC Maintenance CMMS enables you to prioritise maintenance activities through a simple graphic interface that highlights essential work. You can deploy work to Maintenance via paper or mobile handheld devices thus reducing the level of administration and improving efficiency.



Improve efficiency with Lean initiatives


PEMAC Maintenance CMMS enables organisations to adopt a lean culture through continuous improvement by identifying non-valued tasks and routines which, once identified, can then be eliminated.




 Easily analyse maintenance effectiveness


Analyse maintenance effectiveness using the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting tool. Understand the percentage of planned versus unplanned work undertaken and whether you are best in class.



 Identify recurring problems


Create a knowledge base to identify recurring problems with equipment and to reduce time to repair.


 Improve management of spares


Manage your investment in engineering spares using the multi-store functionality. PEMAC Maintenance CMMS supports satellite stores allowing you to carry critical spares near to where they are needed.



 Extend the life of assets


PEMAC Maintenance CMMS supports extending the life of assets through the effective management of preventative maintenance.



 Provides historical records for audits


PEMAC Maintenance CMMS provides a unique historical record for all assets for both client and regulatory audits.



 Easily manage purchasing


PEMAC Maintenance enables easy management of all aspects of the purchasing process including requisitions, purchase orders and goods received notices.

Green-tick-3501 Asset Register


This includes both Assets and Instrumentation in one place along with supporting documentation, drawings, critical spares and supplier information.



 Web Helpdesk System


Allow users to request a job anywhere on site. New requests can be emailed to Engineering to notify them. On completion of work, the requestor is notified via email. (PEMAC Web Helpdesk).





Your preventative maintenance strategy for assets can be set up here on a time-based maintenance or usage basis. The system allows you to define the necessary tasks, link to a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), and specify what spare parts and resources are needed to complete the planned job. PEMAC Maintenance CMMS also supports Permit to Work.



 Work Orders


Here you can see all planned, unplanned and scheduled work in one place. Work can be printed, downloaded to a handheld or closed off online. PEMAC Maintenance CMMS links in the necessary spares needed to complete a job and therefore will warn you if there are insufficient spares to complete a job.


 Stock Management


Manage your engineering spare parts through PEMAC Maintenance CMMS. The product automatically links spares to assets as they are issued. It also enables the automatic reordering of spares based on reorder levels, and the implementation of cycle counting for spares to focus on the most valuable stock. You may also improve efficiency with the PEMAC Stock Control Handheld, using barcoding to make it simple and efficient.




The PEMAC Maintenance CMMS scheduling tool enables you to allocate work dynamically to resources in advance. It also warns you if work has insufficient resources and allows you to drag and drop work to new dates.





This module enables users to effectively manage their calibration activities. Set tolerances, calibrate across different units of measurement and print a barcode label for re-certified items. PEMAC Maintenance CMMS also contains an alert report facility for ‘out of tolerance’ instruments.





Allows users to request stock and non-stock items and manage the purchasing approval process. It also automatically emails approved purchase orders to suppliers.

For those in a Regulated industry, PEMAC Maintenance manages compliance and audits within the regulated environment and has been validated to comply with US FDA 21CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11.