PEMAC Web Helpdesk enables the creation and management of work requests online. This multi-site system reduces administration and improves communication between you and your client.

Pemac Web Helpdesk



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See Case Study – CG Power Systems Ireland implement the PEMAC Web Helpdesk

  • Key Benefits
  • Key Functionality

Reduces administration

Enables requestors to input their requests online.


Automatically updates client

Provides email alerts to update your client as you process work without any extra effort.


Provides clear visibility

Your requestor obtains clear work request visibility eliminating your need to spend time updating them. It also improves visibility on all unplanned maintenance work.


Improves reporting capability

Captures requests in a consistent way thus enabling improved reporting.


Improves response

Improves response to requests and reported downtime.


Improves information

Information quality is improved through immediate capture during the fault resolution process.

  • Create and manage work online.
  • Assign work online with automatic email and text alerts.
  • Close off work online including logging time taken, spares used and reason for defect.
  • Enables historical records for assets to be created under a number of scenarios. For example, there may be multiple issues to resolve when a maintenance engineer arrives at the work location in addition to the specifically requested work. Similarly when working in a related location the engineer may resolve a problem that hasn’t been reported yet. This allows a more complete profile of the maintenance activity for an asset to be created.