PMI Software

PMI Software, through its PEMAC products, has been providing proven, dynamic pharmaceutical software solutions to the pharmaceutical industry since 1987. The substantial experience we have gained working with the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies guarantees our clients that we have the solutions and people to meet and anticipate their unique needs.

Customised Solutions For You


Regulatory Compliance: manages compliance and audits within the regulated environment and has been validated to comply with US FDA 21CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11. (PEMAC Maintenance)


Reduce Equipment Downtime: prevents equipment downtime by implementing a systematic planned maintenance regime. (PEMAC Maintenance)


Manage Health & Safety: with Risk assessment, Contractor management and electronic work Permits defines the scope of the work and the skilled personnel required to execute the tasks. (PEMAC Care)


Reduce Operational Costs: eliminates unplanned outages, extends asset life and ensures investment in vital spares only. (PEMAC Maintenance)


Manage Process Approvals: this user configurable approval system enables paperless operation by intelligently routing forms/documents for sign-off to the required roles and departments. (Manage Process Workflow)


Root Cause Analysis: determines cause of breakdowns in a lean and systematic manner and proposes plant wide solutions. (Root Cause)